Years of Experience Meets AI Innovation

Moxie’s technology enhances rather than replaces human insight. We are driven by the mission to pass on hard-won knowledge that helps all scholars showcase their best work with confidence. 

We have years of combined experience coaching scholars on improving their research writing.

We have worked closely with graduate students and academic researchers across disciplines to help them effectively convey complex ideas, structure rigorous arguments, and produce compelling academic manuscripts.

Before we began developing generative AI tools, we built careers understanding exactly where students and professionals struggle with writing and publishing. We didn’t just study writing —we practiced it through our own journey in academia. Our extensive experience in academic coaching and consulting has allowed us to not only leverage powerful AI but to do so by drawing on our proven techniques for tackling writer’s block, organizing thoughts, and crafting academic arguments. The personalized feedback and suggestions integrate the same guidance we used to deliver one-on-one to empower students.

Our compassion as former writing mentors informs the design of every AI tool. We are driven by the mission to pass on hard-won knowledge that helps all scholars showcase their best work with confidence. We still actively publish and present research—and we face the same writing challenges as our users. This motivates us to continuously improve how AI can augment academic writing in an ethical, equitable way for all.

Our Mission

At Moxie, we’re committed to the ethical application of AI, providing tools that prioritize transparency, educational value, and research integrity. Our mission is to cultivate an environment where AI is a partner in the academic process, guiding users in developing their writing skills, understanding the nuances of research, and maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity.

Our Philosophy

We see AI as a collaborative partner in the academic process, designed to support scholars in presenting their work confidently. We continue to actively contribute to academic discourse, facing the same challenges as our users, which drives our relentless pursuit of innovation. Our mission extends beyond the practical application of AI; we aim to instill a culture of ethical use, focusing on the importance of transparency, the educational value of AI tools, and the integrity of research.

Our Team

Jessica Parker

Co-Founder & CEO

Kimberly Becker

Co-Founder & COO

Gabriel Perez

Senior Software Engineer

Alex Restrepo

Marketing and Operations Lead

Desi Richter

Research Director

Ifeanyichukwu Agu

AI Engineer

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