How Moxie Helps You Master Your Academic Writing

Moxie’s AI tools are more than just automated editors; they provide detailed feedback across multiple critical dimensions, teaching and guiding you through refining your academic writing. By focusing on thesis clarity, evidence quality, organizational logic, clarity of expression, and writing mechanics, we ensure your work is both rigorous and compelling. Whether you are drafting, revising, editing, or proofreading your manuscript, Moxie’s AI powered academic coach will guide you through the process. 

Strengthen Your Academic Arguments

Begin your writing process with a solid foundation. Moxie assesses your current writing skills and identifies areas for improvement, providing a customized plan to enhance your writing proficiency. It’s perfect for gaining insights into your strengths and areas needing attention before you dive deep into your academic work.

Develop Problem Statements

Develop compelling and persuasive academic arguments and strengthen your ‘voice’ as a scholar. Moxie guides you through formulating thesis statements and claims that are supported by logical reasoning and evidence.

Back Your Claims with Evidence

Assess the specificity, clarity, scope, and relevance of your claims to ensure the evidence you present directly supports each claim, solidifying the foundation of your argument.

Improve the Organization and Structure of Your Work

Get detailed feedback on both the external and internal structure of your work to ensure the logical flow of ideas from one paragraph to the next. Moxie even suggests various outline structures to help you revise your work as efficiently as possible.

Elevate Your Research with AI

Dive into a curated collection of AI tools specifically designed to enhance and streamline your academic journey.