Frequently Asked Questions

Moxie tools are AI-powered research-writing tools specifically created to guide research writers through the arduous process of designing, drafting, and revising research texts. Our tools are specifically designed to meet the needs of research writers (though we have fun making tools for a wide variety of disciplines).

Moxie’s tools are cost-effective, available when you need them, and provide support and coaching (as opposed to just feedback). In a nutshell, these tools help you learn and grow into a research writer.

Moxie gives you access to premium AI models by OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic. We also offer access to Perplexity Pro. Each of them works best in different scenarios. A single subscription to one of these premium AI models costs roughly $20/month. Using Moxie gives you access to all of them, plus multiple pre-prompted tools, saving you $80/month.

No. Our tools will guide you, provide feedback, and offer helpful suggestions, but they will not generate a research paper for you. We engineered our tools to help you foster the critical knowledge and skills needed to grow into the research writer you are meant to be (or if you are faculty, consider our tools a way to assist you as you help your students grow in their research writing).

Faculty members, we got you! Moxie’s tools are here to assist you in several ways.

  • Your students can receive multiple rounds of feedback early in their process so that they can improve their writing

  • You can embed tools into your course material utilizing our Tools to Skills map. Contact Moxie for further guidance.

  • You can model tool usage and encourage transparency and ethical AI use

  • Contact us at to discuss how you can embed Co-pilots into dissertation introductory chapters, literature reviews, and methods.

  • Use Moxie to increase access to writing support. Students can’t make it to the writing center? Bring the writing center to them.

  • Use our tools to create a common language around the language of research writing; engage in critical discourse around tool use.

No, we do not offer one-on-one support, but we do offer weekly interactive sessions called “Moxie Meetups,” where we explore topics including but not limited to the following:

  • Leveraging AI Tools for Academic Workflows: Stay up-to-date on integrating AI feedback into your research and writing processes effectively. Learn strategies to optimize using Moxie AI to enhance academic workflows.

  • AI in Academia Updates: Stay at the forefront of academic innovation with our curated updates on AI. We share the latest news, breakthroughs, and trends, ensuring you’re always in the loop with what’s happening in AI and academia.

  • New Tool Demos: Experience firsthand the power of our latest AI tools. We regularly showcase new technologies and software that can revolutionize your research and academic writing processes. These demos are a great way to discover how AI can enhance your work and streamline your efforts.

  • Q&A and Discussion: Our sessions are more than just presentations; they’re interactive and collaborative. We encourage you to bring your questions, thoughts, and experiences. Engage in lively discussions, get answers from experts and peers, and share insights with fellow academics.

Our sister company, Dissertation by Design offers one-on-one support. 

If a tool seems stuck, try these two troubleshooting steps:

  1. Click the refresh button

  2. Try it in a different browser

If neither of those works, please verify the status of ChatGPT. 

If ChatGPT is functional and you have tried all of the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Your interactions with Moxie’s tools are saved locally in your web browser’s storage. This means that the chat history is stored directly on your device (computer, phone, etc.) and not on our servers. The benefit of this approach is that your private conversations remain entirely under your control and are not transmitted or stored by us.

However, it also means that your chat history will only persist if you keep using the same browser and device and do not clear your browser data. If you clear your browser’s cache, cookies, and storage data or switch to a different device, your previous chat histories will be lost.

So, we recommend not clearing your browser data frequently for maximum availability of your chat logs if you want to retain access to your past conversations with the AI. But you can also manually export (copy/paste) and back up your chat logs if you wish to keep them long-term.

No, your chats are private to you and are saved only in your account. Neither Moxie nor any of the AI companies have access to your information, data, chats, or text.

At Moxie, we select the best available generative AI models to suit our academic objectives without being tied to a specific model or provider. Currently, our suite of tools integrates the latest versions from OpenAI (GPT-4 Turbo), Anthropic (Claude-3). We also provide access to two applications with access to the internet: Perplexity, and Gemini

These platforms have been carefully chosen for their robust performance and suitability for academic research and educational purposes. We continuously assess and update our tools to ensure they meet our high academic excellence and innovation standards.

No. We have already engineered Moxie’s tools to assist you with your academic research and writing needs. The beauty of Moxie is that you are using a very fine-tuned tool engineered by academics with a wealth of research and scholarly writing knowledge. 

However, Moxie’s tools are ultimately chatbots, so you can ask them to help you in ways that go beyond whatever they are designed to do. For example, if you’re using the Purpose Statement, Research Question, and Hypothesis Reviewer Tool, you can use it whether you have those items drafted or not. So, if a tool asks you for a statement, or RQs, or hypothesis, and you don’t have that yet, you can say, “Help me write it” or “Coach me through that process,” and the bot will guide you through the process of designing that specific aspect of your study. Or, you can ask ANY of the tools, “What are all the things you can help me with?” and they will give you ideas. They’re quite smart. 😉 

We discuss these things (and more!) in our weekly Moxie Meetups. 

Yes, our tools can converse in multiple languages beyond English. The specific language capabilities depend on our underlying AI models, such as GPT-4, Claude, and Gemini. These models have been trained in diverse languages, allowing our tools to understand and communicate in various tongues.

However, it’s important to note that language proficiency and performance may vary across different languages. Depending on the training data and model architecture, some languages may have more comprehensive support than others.

  • You are receiving this message because you have exceeded your token limit.

  • Tokens are the “currency” of processing time and computational power.

  • We implement token limits for financial and environmental reasons. Providing unlimited tokens is costly and resource-intensive, so we aim to offer a reasonable allowance while being mindful of our environmental impact.

  • Your membership includes a set allowance of tokens (input and output messages) for interacting with the AI chatbot. The number of tokens you can use depends on your membership type. 

    • Free members have a reduced token allowance to ensure a fair distribution of resources across all users.

    • Paid membership tiers offer higher token allowances, providing more opportunities for extended conversations and interactions with the AI chatbot.

  • Once you have exceeded your token allowance for the billing cycle, you can no longer interact with that particular chatbot until your next billing cycle begins. This approach allows us to manage costs effectively while providing a reasonable usage allowance to all members.

As a free member, you have a limited number of tokens available. This is because we cover the costs of those tokens for free accounts, as the trial allows you to explore our tools before deciding on a paid subscription. The free token allotment is designed to give you a taste of our services but may not be sufficient for extensive work due to the associated costs. If you are a free member and run out of tokens, we apologize for the inconvenience. You must upgrade to a paid membership, which has a significantly higher token allocation.

There are two main strategies for reducing your token usage:

  1. Start new threads regularly rather than continuing to build on old threads;

  2. Copy/paste from rather than uploading entire files.

You have 7 days to decide whether to upgrade.

Our tools are excellent, but sometimes, you need another human coach to help you conceptualize and write your research.  There are a few options:

  • Moxie Meetups are held on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. Eastern and are included with your membership. We send an invitation a few hours prior with a Zoom link.

  • If you want regular 1-1 coaching support, book a complimentary consultation with our sister company, Dissertation by Design. Using a coach doesn’t mean you can’t use our tools, and the two services pair well, but sometimes you need another person to look you in the eye and say, “You got this. “

At Moxie, we strive to provide high-quality products and services to our customers. However, we understand that occasionally, issues may arise that require a refund.

In general, we do not offer refunds, as the nature of our business as a technology company makes it logistically complex to undo transactions and reallocate resources. However, we will consider refund requests on a case-by-case basis under the following circumstances:

  • If a customer’s order was billed incorrectly

  • If a system-wide outage or technical failure on our end completely prevents access 

  • If significant defects or malfunctioning features in our software or services impede usage

  • If changes in laws or regulations render a product or service non-compliant or unusable in a customer’s jurisdiction.

We acknowledge that exceptional circumstances may occur and will consider these situations with empathy and fairness toward our customers.

Customers should contact our support team within 7 days of the original purchase to request a refund. We will review each request individually and respond within five business days. Please note that refunds may take 7-10 business days to process.

  • Customers wishing to request a refund should provide their order number, the email address used to make the purchase, and a detailed explanation of the reason for the refund request to assist in expediting the process.

  • Refunds may not be offered if the product or service has been significantly utilized or any substantial content has been consumed or downloaded.

  • Customers will receive acknowledgment of their refund request within 48 hours and can expect a detailed response after the review.

  • We commit to maintaining transparency about the processing time and potential charges (if any) associated with processing a refund.

  • To ensure continuous improvement, we encourage customers to provide feedback on resolving their issues, which we will use to enhance our products and services.

We appreciate our customers’ understanding that, as a technology company, the nature of our business requires a somewhat limited refund policy. Our priority is to deliver a great experience, and we will do our best to resolve any issues.

We encourage honesty and transparency when using our AI tools. We cannot guarantee they will evade detection tools, as even human writing can sometimes be flagged inaccurately. Our tools help revise your writing; they do not write for you. So, we advise acknowledging their use transparently. See our blog for proper citation guidance:

Should I Cite AI Tools?

How to Cite AI Tools

Moxie does not store nor can others see your interactions with the tools. We use models with chat history and training turned off. Our privacy policy can be found on our website.

We offer weekly interactive sessions called “Moxie Meetups” that provide professional development to help you refine your academic writing and research skills, enhance your AI literacy, discuss best practices, and explore new advancements in AI.

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