How Graduate Students Use Moxie

Graduate studies require mastering the skills necessary for conducting rigorous research that makes a meaningful contribution to your field. Moxie’s suite of educational AI tools for academic research supports you at every phase of your research – from conceptualizing your research topic to preparing your thesis or dissertation for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Experience AI assistance you can be proud of, enhancing your research rather than just completing it.

Design Your Study

Choose the appropriate methodology and research design for your study. Moxie will coach you through choosing qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods study, suggest appropriate study designs, and help you plan data collection and analysis methods that are aligned with your research agenda using our AI tools for research design.

Streamline Your Literature Review Workflow

Explore literature review outlines, summarize articles, extract and analyze data from PDFs, and get comprehensive feedback on your literature review. Moxie’s literature review AI tools are more than just sentence level editing tools – they elevate critical thought by providing suggestions for literature review structures (e.g., thematic, topical, chronological, methodological), teaching you how to paragraph, and guiding you from merely summarizing to synthesizing.

Receive Targeted Feedback

Receive detailed, actionable feedback on your work helping you improve not only coherence and technical accuracy of your writing but also the integration of critical insights and arguments using Moxie's AI tools for academic writing.

Learn How to Cite AI

Moxie’s AI tools are designed to be used ethically and responsibly, which includes learning how to cite AI tools in your work.

Moxie’s AI tools are more than just sentence level editing tools – they are meticulously designed to elevate critical thought. Researchers also save hours of time sifting through literature and questioning the relevance of their work. Researchers write better drafts faster, gain new insights about the literature, all while maintaining academic integrity.

Elevate Your Research with AI

Dive into a curated collection of AI tools specifically designed to enhance and streamline your academic journey.