Continuous Learning and Development

At Moxie, we are committed to fostering a community of learning and innovation for AI-curious academics. Our interactive sessions ensure you continuously develop your academic writing, research skills, and AI literacy, keeping you informed and at the forefront of academic innovation.

Real-Time Learning for Real-World Application

Moxie’s live learning sessions are designed to provide real-time education and practical applications of AI in academia. Through these sessions, members gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively integrate AI technologies into their academic lives.

Master AI Tools for Academic Writing and Research

Learn in real-time how to leverage AI for literature synthesis, crafting research problem statements, and more. These sessions are crucial for understanding how to use AI to enhance research productivity and accuracy.

Get Personalized Feedback and Support

Bring your specific use cases to the session and receive live feedback on how to improve your integration of AI into your teaching and research.

Collaborate and Learn from Peers

Share experiences and solutions with fellow academics. Learn how others have successfully integrated AI into their workflows, and discuss potential applications for your own work.

AI in Academia Updates

Receive live, up-to-date information on the latest AI developments and discuss how these can be applied to your current teaching and research projects.

Elevate Your Research with AI

Dive into a curated collection of AI tools specifically designed to enhance and streamline your academic journey.