What is Dear Moxie?

One of our favorite things at Moxie is engaging in critical conversations about AI use. Every week, we receive feedback and questions about human problems that arise about AI use. So, we started an old-school advice column with a techy twist: Dear Moxie. 

We will read any letter you submit to Dear Moxie, but we specifically focus on issues related to AI use in academic settings. Dear Moxie is different from an FAQ or technical question that could be researched. Dear Moxie is about the situations we find ourselves in related to AI use.

Think: people problems related to AI use.
Think: something you need advice about. 

Imagine Ann Landers is an early AI adopter sitting at her old wooden desk waiting to dispense her wisdom. If you want to begin anything with these words: “Dear Moxie, I could use some advice,” and then …

Topics of interest could include:

  • Faculty/student resistance to AI use 

  • Ethical dilemmas related to AI use

  • Some sort of situationship you find yourself in with AI or another AI user

  • Debates that need to be settled

  • Limitations of AI pertaining to your specific use case


  • Keep your questions about the use of AI for educational/research purposes.

  • Write your question in letter form. 

  • Tell us the story of your problem. Think scenario, not FAQ.

  • Ask a question.

  • Sign your letter anonymously, but feel free to use a fun name, “Perplexed about Prompting,” “Dealing with Data Dilemmas,” “Neural Network Novice,” or something totally non-alliterative like “Needing Help”.

Write Moxie a letter and tell us about your situation. A real, actual human will answer.

Go ahead: Write Moxie.

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